The Next Generation Awards Scheme is a highly successful Citizenship programme that has been run by the Birmingham Civic Society for the past eleven years. In total 24,500 pupils have participated since the programme began.

The award scheme is aimed at groups of pupils aged 11 to 14, and is an assessed project-based programme designed to meet many of the requirements of the Key Stage 3 Citizenship Curriculum, and also to develop pupils’ Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills. It is a very inclusive project which is great for developing pupils’ skills in team-working, ICT, presentation, creative writing and problem solving. The programme has been developed with the aim of stimulating creativity, nurturing enthusiasm for life, and encouraging pupils to be active, responsible citizens that contribute positively to the development of the City.

The young people work in groups to devise a plan to improve one aspect of life for people living in Birmingham, they develop 5 minute presentations that are then presented to an assessment panel and receive either a Gold, Silver or Bronze award depending on the calibre of their proposals. See the Next Generation Awards in action.

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    West Midlands Combined Authority
    27th April 2017
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    Presentation to Dr. Nick Venning by Dr. Michael JR...
    27th April 2017
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    27th April 2017
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    30th March 2017
Nick Venning
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Nick was formally Marketing Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers
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