The Society has prime responsibility in the city for the erection of Blue Plaques (a task it has fulfilled since the 1950s), each recognising an individual connected with Birmingham who has achieved greatness by, for example, making a significant contribution to their local community or excelling in their career. On average, some three plaques are erected each year, stimulating interest in a building or place and reminding passers-by of the city’s past. Securing a Blue Plaque is a simple but time consuming process, the criteria being that the individual died 20 or more years ago and lived in the city for at least five years. Anyone can nominate someone for a Blue Plaque, with all nominations being researched and considered by the Civic Society’s Heritage Committee. Those honoured in this way include poet and scientist Constance Naden, the city’s primary civic sculptor William Bloye and Oscar Deutsch, founder of the Odeon Cinema chain, the first of which was opened in Perry Barr.

History Plates commemorate places of historical interest in and around Birmingham and have been erected to celebrate, for example, Moorpool Estate in Harborne, one of England’s finest garden suburbs.

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Rita McLean
Committee Chair & Trustee
Rita has over 20 years experience in working with Birmingham Museums and is now an independent museum and heritage consultant.
Committee Members

Chris Rice
Malcolm Dick
Sian Roberts BCS Hon Archivist
Emma Chesters BP Secretary
Sue Behan
John Gale BP Arranger
Jez Collins
Toby Watley
Peter Marsh
Richard Albutt
Sally Hoban
Joe Jordan