Users can access information about the Blue Plaques and History Plates by:

  • browsing the map
  • by searching using names
  • by selecting categories from the index.

Clicking on a plaque locator on the map will open a window including photographs, links to further information and suggestions of other relevant plaques awarded by the Birmingham Civic Society.

To use the select/search functions click on the hamburger at the top righthand corner of the map. 

  • To search for a specific recipient use the “search box” at the end of the category list to enter all or part of the name. Select the plaque you wish to review and click on the magnifying glass to re-centre the map on the result of your search.
  • To select plaques in a particular category or categories, use the “ALL” selection box at the top of the list to clear all boxes, then select the category(ies) in which you are interested.  The map will now display only the plaques in those categories.
  • Use drop-down menus to search within more general categories – to find all plaques in a general category select all the sub-categories or just select specific sub-categories for a more precise search.

All images of plaques were kindly supplied by Jamie Justham for the purposes of this project only.
All other images are reproduced having “no known copyright” or in the “public domain”.