Project Manager Jane Harding gave evidence to a recent BCC Scrutiny Committee meeting on the subject of air pollution and its effects on health. Jane spoke about the significant contribution of trees in removing pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and particulates from diesel exhausts from the air. This is becoming a hot topic as air quality worsens, and the value of trees as a low cost and relatively easy part of the solution should not be underestimated. Birmingham, especially the city centre, needs more trees to be planted, and existing trees to be retained, to help improve air quality in the city – especially along major routes. Sadly many trees are being lost to new developments such as the Metro extension down Corporation Street; BTfL hopes that planners, designers and engineers can be persuaded to place a greater value on existing mature trees, and make more effort to retain them in schemes unless it is absolutely necessary to remove them – as well as including more new trees.