Birmingham Trees for Life has ended the 2018-19 planting season with two lovely tree planting events for families, one at the Lickeys for ‘Friends and Family’ tree sponsors, and one at Kingfisher Country Park with the family of Leo McKevitt, Head Ranger at the park for many years, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Leo’s family planted 10 large trees and a few days later lots of young people and adult volunteers, with the help of BTfL’s partners the Woodland Trust, came along to add 1500 sapling trees, to form ‘Leo’s Wood’, at part of Kingfisher Country Park in Shard End. A wonderful lasting legacy to remember Leo by, who did so much to help to create Kingfisher Country Park for the people of the city.

The following Saturday, over 50 planters joined BTFL at the Lickey Hills to plant over 500 saplings to restore an area of woodland that has been recently cleared. Some people were planting in memory of a loved one, others to celebrate a birth or birthday, and some, just for fun! BTfL welcomes sponsors along with their families and friends to plant new woodland on a different site each winter – and rewards all the hard work with tea and biscuits afterwards!