Year 3 pupils from St Bernadette’s RC Primary joined BTfL for a different type of tree activity last month: they were part of a new ‘follow-up’ session that sees BTfL spending additional time with schools, revisiting sites where they have previously planted, to see what their trees look like in summer. Everyone spent a lovely afternoon looking at leaves, trees and bugs and all the pupils went back, reluctantly, to school, knowing just a little bit more about trees and the part they play in the food web.

In a similar session, year 4 pupils from the Deanery C of E Primary School joined BTfL in Jones Wood in Sutton Coldfield, to find out a little more about trees. What type of trees, how old are they? Do they drop their leaves or keep them over winter? Who lives in them? Who eats them? So many questions – most of them coming from the pupils themselves.