Birmingham Trees for Life has been successful in its bid to the HS2 Community and Environment Fund for funding for a tree planting and community engagement project along the route of the proposed HS2 train line. The project will take place over three years, with ten planting events on public open spaces that are within one kilometre of the HS2 route, or are the only local green space used by communities in the area being impacted by the work being undertaken to construct the line.

School children local to each site will be invited to the planting events to help plant the trees. Then in the following spring, summer and autumn, further seasonal activities for children, families and community members will be run, to help them learn more about trees and the natural environment, and encourage them to take ‘ownership’ of the trees that have been planted the previous season in their local area.

The first of the plantings will take place this coming winter, and will be listed on BTfL’s website in due course.