Birmingham Trees for Life (BTFL), the Society’s tree-planting arm, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, is overseen by a committee of local people committed to improving the city’s green environment. They are keen to get new volunteers to join its committee. The project’s day to day management is carried out by freelance project workers; the voluntary members of the committee bring additional expertise, support, and, when they have the time, join in at tree planting events. You don’t need to be an expert in trees to have something to contribute, you just need to care about the city’s natural environment!

BTfL has planted over 60,000 trees since 2006, and involved almost 10,000 local people in doing so – if you would like to help further these achievements, please look at the website to learn more about BTfL’s work, and email the Project Manager, Jane Harding, at for more information.