We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Street Associations, an organisation working to re-ignite real community spirit, street by street. This is about local groups coming together to deliver everything and anything from neighbour visits to street parties, to coach trips, barbecues and babysitting circles, inspiring and facilitating friendship, fun, an enhanced sense of belonging and a helping hand to neighbours in need.

Under the banner Permission to Smile, we are together planning to expand this concept with a bid to encourage Birmingham people to engage more with one another – and to start to think about what citizens could do with and for each other locally (such as start a youth group, a young mothers’ group, something for older people etc), rather than waiting for our cash-strapped council to do it! It’s a Birmingham call to collective action. We are looking at a public launch of Permission to Smile early in 2018…coinciding with the Society’s centenary.

Citizenship is about responsibility to each other; this is citizenship in action at the grass roots of society.

If you’re interested in becoming involved at the formative stage of this initiative, we will be holding a roundtable discussion at 6.00pm on Tuesday 18 July and you’d be very welcome to come along.  Please contact Martin Graham of Street Associations or Trustee Nick Venning, for further information.