Laura Sandys, Vice-President of Civic Voice has called on communities and civic societies across England to get involved in national issues and to join the Civic Voice Big Conservation Conversation.

Joan Humble, Chair of Civic Voice said:

“The civic society movement dates back to 1846 when the world’s first civic society was created in Sid Vale in Devon. But it was Lord Duncan Sandys who gave it a stronger, national voice in 1957 when he created the Civic Trust. By bringing the civic movement together under a national body it enabled it to grow into one of the country’s most important social movements. I am delighted that Laura Sandys is involved in our Big Conservation Conversation to celebrate 50 years of Conservation Areas.

It is such an honour to have Laura involved in our Big Conservation Conversation. Civic groups really can transform communities and Laura, like her father, is a huge champion of the movement and we were delighted when she became a Vice-President ahead of 2017 as we all come together to say “My Conservation Area Matters”.

Laura Sandys said:

“I think it’s great that Civic Voice is holding the Big Conservation Conversation. At a time when Parliamentarians talk localism, it is really up to the civic movement to make the local voice a national issue. With a 33% reduction in conservation officers in local government since 2008, the civic movement really is the last line of defence to champion the importance of the 10,000 conservation areas across England.”

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