The first half of 2020 has been busy for Birmingham Civic Society’s planning committee, from clarifying their purpose and developing a clear terms of reference, to gearing up for their awards season and the launch of our brand new award, the Haywood Award.

Constructive planning advice

After months of consultation with planning committee members, BCS Trustees, Birmingham City Council officers and individuals from the private sector, we have a clear, shared understanding of what we do and our purpose – our Terms of Reference.

Ultimately, the role of the Planning Committee is to help make Birmingham better for the people who live and work there. We provide constructive advice around sustainable building development and promote high quality design, while supporting campaigns for better where it is not evident.

We are a critical friend to developers and other professionals working within the building sector, as well as Birmingham City Council and communities across the city. And, to promote high quality design, the committee awards two prizes, the Renaissance Award and the Haywood Award (more on this below).

You can read the whole document but at the heart of it, it gives us and our members greater certainty, direction, and a sense of ownership over what we do and wish to do. We also hope it clarifies how we can support and advise others. We very much want it to be a living document, and act as a framework for us to work to and expand on.

Update on the Haywood Award

Due to the uncertainty around Covid-19, we have decided to postpone the Haywood Award until November. This is for several reasons, but mostly, because the award will culminate in a celebration and gathering for finalists and nominees, pending government advice, and we don’t want to lose momentum between now and then. We still have our five finalists and that will not change, but we’ll pick up on the blog posts and the online public vote in the autumn ahead of a face-to-face event. In the meantime, why not catch up on who those finalists are?