BTfL’s Project Manager Jane Harding reminds us that spring is well and truly here and that there is no better time to get out and about and appreciate the beauty of nature in this time of new life.

Jane writes: ‘The gorgeous bright green of the young leaves just bursting from their buds and lit up by the morning sun, the carpets of bluebells now in flower, the birds flying about with nesting material in the beaks – it is all a joy. If you get out of the city to the Lickey Hills, you might be also treated to close up visits from a tree creeper, a buzzard or a nuthatch too!

‘It’s rewarding to see the fruits of BTfL’s volunteers’ and funders’ labour at this time of year – the BTfL Deutsche Bank hazel coppice in the woods at the Lickey Hills is coming into leaf and has established and grown really well now.  Surrounded by the bluebells, it really is a picture of spring – so get out into the woods and enjoy all this new life for yourselves – we all feel better for re-connecting with nature.

‘So many people seem have lost their connection with the natural world – we hear of selfish anti-nature interventions all the time, like the current reports of developers and councils netting hedges and trees to prevent birds nesting. Nature is not an inconvenience – the natural world sustains us and we must stand up for it, protect it, and encourage others to appreciate and nurture it. So why not get away from the screens and talk a walk outside in the park or woods near you – you’ll be glad you did!’

Read more about the current netting of hedgerows and trees here.

And sign the petition to make netting hedgerows a criminal offence here.