Those of us lucky enough to enjoy the private tour of the ‘Our Shakespeare’ exhibition with Curator, Julian Harrison, last month have all resolved to revisit the exhibition before it ends on Saturday 3 September. Designed for visitors of all ages, this free exhibition features a colourful range of books, films, posters and photographs and gives visitors chance to experience first-hand artefacts, footage and audio that they won’t have seen elsewhere and won’t be seen again for many years.

Our Shakespeare focuses on four key themes:

  • The Warwickshire Lad – taking its title from an 18th century poem, this section includes exhibits of local relevance that depict Shakespeare the man.
  • The Shakespeare Library – telling the story of the library founded by the Our Shakespeare club in 1864, destroyed by fire in 1879 and restored thanks to generous donations from all over the world.
  • Shakespeare’s Genius – focusing on the plays and themes like ambition, love and magic.
  • Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits – including a copy of the First Folio, the first collected edition of Shakespeare’s plays, published in 1623.