On Tuesday 8th June, members of the Francis Brett Young Society met at 105 Harborne Road to watch the plaque to Francis Brett Young be re-erected after receiving careful restoration from civic society volunteer, John Gale.

The Francis Brett Young Society had contacted us earlier in the year asking if anything could be done to enhance the look of the plaque which was faded and hard to see from the road.  We agreed it would benefit from a facelift so set about contacting the property owner and seeking planning permission to relocate the plaque.  Some of those present remembered the original unveiling event which took place in 1992 and we were very lucky that the property owner had retained a tin of paint so that the discolouration left by the plaque could be touched up.

This restoration was funded by the Francis Brett Young Society but there are many more plaques around the City that are in need of some TLC.  The Heritage Committee have prioritised these for attention over the next few years but if you know of a plaque that isn’t looking it’s best please get in touch at birminghamblueplaques@gmail.com.