Birmingham Trees for Life got off to a great start in their 2019-20 tree planting season with a wonderful group of children, parents and staff from World’s End Junior School in Quinton helping to plant ten large trees at Tennal Lane Recreation Ground. They were captured on film by Central News’ Environment correspondent, who was eager to film the first tree planting event of the winter.

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In a change from recent awful weather, the sun decided to shine on Quinton from start to finish. After a chatty 15-minute walk with 15 excited students and staff from  the school, it was quite clear that the students knew all about trees and were eager to share their knowledge and get planting. Not only did the children understand about the positive environmental impact of trees, especially in big cities like Birmingham, they also realised that the beauty of trees is important as well – waxing lyrical about the splendour of trees and how enriched our lives are to be surrounded by such natural beauty.

Grabbing their spades with energy and enthusiasm the children couldn’t wait to plant the ten Dawn Redwood and poplar trees, which were planted to replace some ageing poplar trees already on the edges of the park, which need to be felled in the next few years as they may become unsafe – sad, but necessary.

Allison Owen, Head Teacher at World’s End Junior School, told BTfL that: “The children were still buzzing two hours after returning from their tree planting with Birmingham Trees for Life.”

The pupils live locally so can’t wait to bring their parents and siblings to see the trees they have planted, and will be keeping an eye on them in the future!