+ PLUS Strategy

Our +PLUS Strategy 2016-2020 will focus on three objectives. We aim to develop a clearer identity, have greater influence and be a stronger Society, Achieving these objectives will make us more effective and increase our impact to make Birmingham a better place for everyone.

In spring 2016 we undertook a consultation with our trustees, committees and members to ask them what the future of the Society should look like. We also consulted with key stakeholders and non-members.

The consultation helped develop, inform and shape our +PLUS Strategy 2016-2020, which will guide the Society over the next five years. This has our Centenary Year, 2018, at its heart.

The +PLUS Strategy sets out out our purpose, values, identity and three objectives. Briefly these are:

Working together to make Birmingham a better place for everyone.

To Inspire, Influence and be Inclusive.

To be Relevant, Respected and Reliable.

Our three objectives are:

Clearer Identity
Greater Influence
Stronger Society

We will be developing and implementing the strategy over the coming months and years, including annual reviews to ensure that we are on take to delivering it’s objectives.

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    A memorable tour for the start of Heritage Week
  • 31st October 2017
    Antiques for Everyone Winter Fair
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    31st October 2017
    2016 Renaissance Award to the Pig & Tail unveiled
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    29th November 2017
    King Solomon’s Frieze will hopefully be saved
Gavin Orton
Committee Chair & Trustee
Gavin is a Birmingham based architect and worked in the city for over a decade as well as promoting and celebrating its architecture through roles with the RIBA.
Committee Members

Nick Venning Trustee
Lorraine Francis Trustee
Christine Cushing Trustee
Anita Pickerden Trustee
Haroon Qayum Trustee