Across Birmingham this week, people are taking part in a unique creative experiment. Birmingham Cathedral, with churches and people of all faiths and none, and in partnership with University College London are asking people in six different parts of the city to contribute to a new installation which will light up, first, their own community and then, Cathedral Square. Using little electronic voting boxes located in shops, businesses and community centres, they have been answering a question a day for five days about how they are feeling at the beginning of winter. The project will culminate after dark on Saturday 3 December, with a chance to see the whole city story as all six display boards come together to create a spectacular installation in Cathedral Square. Visitors will be able to answer questions themselves and find out how others are feeling as the boards get updated throughout the evening.

Drop by the Cathedral Square any time between 4-8pm and see the whole city story in the form of a beautiful outdoor illuminated artwork.

The Very Revd Catherine Ogle, Dean of Birmingham Cathedral said:

“We feel that now, more than ever, is a time to find more opportunities to talk and be with our neighbours, to celebrate our common values and openly acknowledge, discuss and respect our differences.”

 Something Good Artistic Director, Orit Azaz, said:

“measures of us is a new collaboration between artists, technologists, faith groups and the public. It is a pilot, an experiment to explore potential for a city wide creative conversation using light based artworks in surprising ways. It is a way of bringing people from different areas and backgrounds together and creating a sense of connection across different parts of the city. People will have a chance to express how they feel, and then see how others in their own neighbourhood, and others areas feel too. We hope they will also suggest new questions that they would like to ask their neighbours and people who live in other parts of Birmingham.”

measures of us is a continuation of Something Good, an arts programme which celebrated Birmingham Cathedral’s 300th anniversary in 2015. Building on the recent successful ‘Love your Neighbour’ campaign started by the city’s interfaith groups, Birmingham Cathedral, together with churches and individuals of all faiths and none, wish to unite people in this city-wide creative conversation and share new experiences. Findings will help shape Something Good’s future work in the city.