To celebrate our centenary, we’re launching ourselves onto Instagram to showcase our beautiful city in all its glory, and we’d love you to be involved!

Contribute to our campaign by posting photos of the people and places that you believe make Birmingham the city it is today. Follow us and share in our pride for the city with #thecitybeautiful100 tagging us in your post. We will chose our favourite each month to head our newsletter and our website homepage, fully crediting the original photographer. This month’s photo is by Events Committee member, Christopher Burden, currently studying at University of Birmingham.
Christopher captures ‘the new and the old’ of Birmingham wonderfully with a shot of The Cube (opened in 2010) peering over the iconic Gas Street Basin – a significant part of Birmingham’s history and economic might in the 1800’s.
The canals played a huge part in making Birmingham the hub of the Industrial Revolution for the UK, during the 19th Century, helping transport coal from the Black Country to power the metal industry. Without the canal network, our city may not have achieved the heights it has today, and Ken Shuttleworth’s design of the cube may never have come to pass.

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